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Message for parents. 

We do hope you are all well and managing through these challenging  times.

This page is devoted to parents, guardians, carers, class teachers  and anyone looking after the  young people in Chelmsford. We hope to support you in keeping  your children  physically active. We understand it may be  challenging to find ways to keep the children active and socially distanced, so we have tried to think  of creative ways  to help.

Please read the letter below for parents , which sets the context and how to use the resources.

Take time to have a look at each tab below. We have added  ideas on a weekly basis , through the”weekly sheets , which offers ideas for both  KS1 and  KS2 , so if your children need to be active at home, in the holidays and at weekends, you simply choose an activity from any weekly sheet.

There are many resources to download and we have video physical challenges in all different sports for your children to try .

We hope you find this useful and that the children and you , enjoy some of the ideas below.

Take care and stay safe,

Sara Robson & Chris Huartson


                          Message to Primary Teachers, Coaches and Staff

We do hope you and your children can enjoy taking part in many of the virtual activities and competitions that we have planned for this term, when we are in school. We hope to make it as easy as possible for you to get your classes competing within school( level one ),  against other schools ( level 2 )  and even  County level ( level 3 ) for three of our competitions.

Virtual Competitions : All you need to do is click on the Virtual competitions tab to get the rules for the competitions  : Football, Gymnastics, Cheerleading , Sports hall Athletics amongst a few . You also need to click on the Physical Challenges Virtual Competitions video tab to get video guidance for each of these competitions.

For any other questions we shall be holding a ZOOM CPD Questions and Answers meeting for each competition should you need any further support.Get your PLT ( PE Coordiantor to you book on).

Home Learning . When the children are at home, we have included daily  activities for each age group, that you can send home for them to do. Hand out the  2021 Activity tracker, which  can also be a good way to get children to track their daily activities and aim towards reaching  60 minutes a day of activity.

Resource Loan for Children of Key Workers . Speak to your PE coordinator about borrowing equipment from us to add variety to your lessons, Archery , Boccia, Kurling, Speedstacks and Tri Golf .

Skip Hop Hurray . In September over 6,000  children, staff and school communities took part in our skipping festival  to music, outside on school grounds. We wanted the children to enjoy a big sporting event, that was safe, fun and physically active. As a result of this fun day , we also produced  a skipping video to  use in your classrooms and an activities booklet too. Start in the classroom, with children at their desks, skipping without ropes and then take the actions outside later , with ropes at play times and in PE lessons. There are routines  for all key stages but start at the beginning and work through.

Skip For A Min:  Following on from the skip Hop Hurray day , we now have a Skip for A Min challenge. Each child can do a daily skip activity and record the number of skips they do. The children can challenge themselves to get quicker and see how many skips they can do in a minute. The booklets to record their daily skip  are on this page and whether at home, with or without a rope, they can do their daily skipping. ( Government recommends 60 active minutes a day).

Lets get our children enjoying sports and competitions again and we thank you in advance for your support. We are confident we can continue to be one of the top School Sport Partnerships for participation and enjoyment ! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support.

Take care and stay safe

Sara Robson and Chris Huartson

Letter to Parents


60 Minutes Exercise Guidance
STEP Model Guidance ( How to differentiate)
Legacy Values chart

Weekly Tasks

Weekly task sheet 1 - Katerina-Johnson-Thompson
Weekly task sheet 2 - Sam Cook
Weekly task sheet 3 - Sophie Hankin
Weekly task sheet 4 - Danny Crates
Weekly task sheet 5 - George Ford
Weekly task sheet 6 - Hannah Cockcroft
Weekly task sheet 7 - Usain Bolt
Weekly task sheet 8 - Max Whitlock
Weekly task sheet 9 - Harry Kane
Weekly task sheet 10 - Katherine Grainger
Weekly task sheet 11 - Liam Ansell
Weekly Task Sheet 12 Ryan Crouch
Weekly Task Sheet 13 Victoria Pedelton
Inclusive Panathlon Activities
Inclusive Home learning references

Happy Healthy Ideas

Active Monopoly
Design a PE kIt
Create a Meal Plan
Create a school Badge
KS1 Fitness Cards
KS1 Circuit Cards
Alphabet Yoga
Paralympic Crossword
Boccia Colouring
Cycling Colouring competition( Deadline 28th June)
Virtual National School Sport Week Certificate
2021 Activity Calendar

Website Links

Links to Physical Activities

Virtual Competitions

Virtual Mini Games Summer 2021
Archery Level 2 Virtual Comp Spring 2021
Archery score sheets
Cheerleading Rules Autumn 2020
Cross Country Spring 2021
Football Competition and Lessons Spring 2021
Mini Games Yr 2 Summer 2020 Resources
Quad Kids Instructional Guide for Parents Summer 2020
Quad Kids Conversion Sheet summer 2020
Quad Kids Score Sheet summer 2020
Sports Hall Athletics Rules Spring 2021
Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics Events Spring 2021
Sports Hall Athletics Recording Sheet spring 2021
Sports Hall Athletics score card KS1 spring 2021
Sports Hall Athletics score card KS2 Spring 2021
Skip for A Min Competition Rules Spring 2021
Skip for A Min personal Log Book
Skipping Guidance Manual
Inclusive skipping ideas
Tri Golf Competition Rules Spring 2021
Tri Golf skills Festival Pack Spring 2021
Speedstacks EYFS & KS1 Sessions and Competition Spring 2021
KS1 Speedstacks Score Sheet Spring 2021
Speedstacks Rules KS2 Spring 2021
Virtual Scoresheet LKS2 Spring 2021
Virtual Score Sheet UKS2 Spring 2021
Gymnastics Competition Rules Spring 2021
Gymnastics Letter for class teachers Spring 2021

Messages to Year 6 children Transitioning to Secondary Schools.

Chelmer Valley High Introduction to year 7

The Sandon School Introduction to year 7

The Boswells School Introduction to Year 7

The Beaulieu Park School Introduction to year 7

Moulsham High School Introduction to year 7

St John Payne Introduction to Year 7

Year 6 Transition Video Great Baddow High

Certificates for Virtual Competitions

Archery Participation
Archery Placing
Cheerleading Participation
Cheerleading Placing
Cross Country Participation
Cross Country Participation
Fitness Threes Participation
Fitness Threes Placing
Football Participation
Football Placing
Gymnastics Participation
Gymnastics Placing
Mini Games Participation
Quad Kids Participation
Quad Kids Placing
Sports Hall Athletics Participation
Sports Hall Athletics Placing
Tag Rugby Participation
Tag Rugby Placing
Tri Golf Participation
Tri Golf Placing
Superstars School Certificate (for notice Board)
Superstars Participation Cetificate
Skipping Participation
Speed Stacks participation