Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges

Catching Challenge

Target Bucket

KS1 Fitness Circuit

Callan - Dance

Ball and Wall

Tennis Taps

Boccia Challenge

Sending Skills

Sitting Volleyball Challenge

Blast The Bag Challenge

Toilet Roll Challenges

Table Top Cricket

Fitness Agility Challenge

Fitness Balance Cahllenge

Ready Aim Fire

Troll Dance Challenge

Globetrotters Basketball

Trick Shot

Sweatshirt Agility Challenge- Chelmsford SSP

Virtual Competitions For Chelmsford SSP

Virtual Superstars

Virtual Teddy Lympics

Virtual Fitness Threes

Virtual Speed Stacks

Virtual Mini Games

Virtual 3 Tees KS1

Virtual Rapid Fire KS2

Virtual Quad Kids KS1 & 2

Virtual Tennis KS1 & 2

Virtual Tri Golf -Event 1 Grand National

Virtual Tri Golf Event 2 Tunnel Ball

Virtual Tri Golf - Event 3 Zone Ball

Virtual Tri Golf - Event 4 Go For Green

Virtual Cheerleading Competition Video Guidance

Virtual Key Steps Competition Video Guidance

Virtual Skipping workshop for 23rd September National Fitness Day

Daily Mile Destinations

Virtual Football Lessons and Competition